Our Fleet of Presses

Miehle Two-Revolution Quad Crown

Originally printed legislation acts, yellow pages, rego stickers, etc. for the Perth Government Printing Office. Was shipped over from the UK to WA in 1955.

Heidelberg T-10x15 Platen

This model was nicknamed the "Prince of Presses" was the best-selling letterpress press ever made. Our platen is from 1958 and is our main work horse.

Heidelberg KSB Cylinder

This 1957 press is a beast and loves to churn work out. 

Adana 8x5

Our collection of tabletop presses are student-friendly and easy to produce prints.

Heidelberg KORD 62

Our trusty 1960s single-colour offset press that loves to produce high quality work.

Chandler & Price 12x18 Craftsman

This majestic platen press from 1928 is a dream to work with.