Saturday 23 May 2020 onwards

Can you believe that we have been closed to the public for 8 weeks? We have missed everyone. 

Here in Western Australia, the pandemic restrictions are slowly being lifted, and we are excited to announce that we are re-opening the Print Shop to the public from Saturday 23 May onwards. We will be returning to our regular business days and hours - Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm (closed Monday and Tuesday).

We have got hand santiser ready and will be disinfecting our countertops regularly. 

We look forward to having you visit us soon. Stay safe everyone!


RSVP by 4th April 2020

PRINT EXCHANGE! In these uncertain times, let's spread some 'social distancing' artistic love! Just send us a bunch of cool prints and then we’ll mail out a selection to each participant. Brought to you by Fresh Lemon Print and Bright Press Whiteman Park



Theme: Good Vibes

Size: A5 (148x210mm)

Quantity: 20 prints

Medium: Any form of printmaking - letterpress, intaglio, relief, lithography, digital, mixed etc.



RSVP: by 4 April 2020

Mail: Post your prints out by 31 May 2020 (to arrive mid-late June-ish)

Price: $20 AUD entry to cover our cost 


Just email to get involved.

Postal address will be given once RSVP has been confirmed. A portfolio of 18 random prints will be mailed out to each participant at the end of June 2020. Prints 19 and 20 will be kept for display and archival use in Perth, Western Australia. 

If you know anyone who might be interested in this exchange, please share it with them.

Image by Fresh Lemon Print.


Until further notice

In the interest of public safety during this pandemic, Bright Press is going to be closed to the public for a while

The Print Shop will continue fulfilling orders as long as we are still healthy and have supplies. 

If you are interested in supporting us and have us print for you, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Stay safe everyone!

Intro to Letterpress 

Join this fun workshop and learn about the history of letterpress printing, explore manual typesetting and printing your own print.

Letterpress & Bookbinding

This is a 2-part workshop. Learn to typeset using metal type to print book pages and turn printed creations into different book forms.

Intro to Papermaking & Letterpress

This is a 2-part workshop. Learn techniques to create handmade papers, typeset and print a small quote using metal type.

Multi-Session Workshop (4 sessions)

Dive further into the world of letterpress printing creating various independent projects such as art prints, personalised stationery, greeting cards using our tabletop presses. This is a 4-session workshop with an instructor. We will explore making ready, ink mixing, finishing techniques. Perfect for those who just couldn't get enough of printing from our Intro workshops. (intermediate level)

Platen Press Workshop (6 sessions)

Explore letterpress printing using our treadle-operated platen presses. Learn about making ready, mixing ink, troubleshooting. Pre-requisite: Participants must have completed our Intro to Letterpress course. This is a 4-session workshop with an instructor. (intermediate-advanced level)